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VF Imagewear

VF Imagewear® brands include Red Kap®, Chef Designs, Bulwark®, Horace Small®, Lee® and Wrangler Hero®.

VF Imagewear® offers a broad range of high-quality apparel that fits your every need from the boardroom to the factory floor. Whether a customer wants customized polos for a sales team golf outing, a comprehensive uniform program for a major corporation or anything in between, VF Imagewear delivers the goods you need to succeed.

As the industry leader for over 80 years, VF Imagewear® understand how critical it is to make your job easier and build your company brand. So they're always on the lookout for new, innovative ways to keep you and your customers happy. The difference is in the details, and they never stop looking for ways to make their apparel fit your life.


  • Bulwark®


  • Chef Designs

    Chef Designs

  • Horace Small®

    Horace Small®

  • Red Kap®

    Red Kap®

  • Wrangler Workwear

    Wrangler Workwear